The Retro-Computing Society
of Rhode Island, Inc.

The Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island, Inc. exists to further the preservation of historic computers and to increase the awareness of the history of computers and their development. One of our primary goals is to restore historical systems to operational condition. We currently function as a users' group for those with an interest in vintage computer hardware systems and software.



Boston University donated a SGI Onyx2.


Mike posts about our efforts to restore the Cray on his blog.


We received a donation of a PsiTech HFB 360-08 graphics system from the Rhode Island Computer Museum. This frame buffer connects directly to the Cray J916 processors via a HIPPI interface.

Open House

We hold an open house on the third Saturday of every month.

The next open house will be on October 15th .


We powered on the Symbolics 3630 lisp machine, and confirmed that the hardware works, and an operating system is installed. This will be a good machine to explore the lisp machine environment further in the future.


We powered up the Cray J90 and continued to work on running diagnostics from the I/O Subsystem.


We demonstrated a three node VAX 4000 DSSI based VMScluster and a VAXstation 4000 running DECwindows/Motif.