Cray J90

The Cray J90 is an entry-level air-cooled vector supercomputer introduced in 1994. The eight vector processors run UNICOS, Cray's version of Unix. The IO subsystem is actually a seperate computer (two, in this model's configuration) - a VME system with a SPARC CPU board running the realtime operating system vxworks. There is also a front-end processor, a Sun Sparcstation-5 workstation running Solaris.

This unit was donated to the RCS by Brown University. It was used in the Brown physics department.

Manufacturer Cray Research
Model Cray J916/8
Classification Supercomputer
Introduced 1994
Word Size 64 bit
Implementation CMOS
Registers 8 x 32bit A Registers
64 x 32bit B Registers
8 x 64bit S (Scalar) Registers
64 x 64bit T (Transfer) Registers
8 x 64 element x 64bit V (Vector) Registers
8 x 64bit SR (Status) Registers
Logical Address 64 bit
Physical Address 8 gig
Memory Type CMOS DRAM