SGI Onyx

The Onyx is a high-end workstation from 1993. With four 64-bit MIPS R4400 CPUs and a Reality Engine 2 graphics subsystem, it was one of the most powerful graphics systems available at the time. This is the deskside version - SGI also made a more expandable rack version.

Manufacturer Silicon Graphics Inc
Model Onyx
Classification Workstation
Introduced 1993
Word Size 64 bits
Implementation Microprocessor - 4 x MIPS R4400 + 12 x Intel i860xp (in graphics system)
Registers R4400: 64 (32 int, 32 fp)
Logical Address 64 bits
Physical Address CPU: 36 bits (64 GB) Deskside Oynx: 2 GB Max
Memory Type DRAM