The VAX-11/780 was DEC's first 32-bit minicomputer, introduced in 1978. The 11/785 was the same design, with an increased system clock, introduced in 1984.

Manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation
Model VAX-11/785
Classification Minicomputer
Introduced 1984
Word Size 32 bits
Implementation TTL ICs
Registers 16
Logical Address 32 bits
Physical Address ?
Memory Type MOS

Hex-wide boards comprising the CPU:
Slot Board Designation Description Comment
29 M7477 CIB Console Interface Connection to PDP-11 Frontend
28 M7544 FCT Floating Point Accelerator Control FP Optional?
27 M7543 FAD Floating Point Fraction Adder
26 M7542 FML Floating Point Fraction Multiplier (low)
25 M7541 FMH Floating Point Fraction Multiplier (high)
24 M7540 FNM Floating Point Fraction Normalizer
23 M7476 USC Micro Sequencer Control
20 M7475 JCS Joint Control Store
18 M7475 JCS Joint Control Store
16 M7474 CLK CPU Clock (Is this also TODC?)
15 M7473 ICL Interrupt Control (low)
14 M7472 ICH Interrupt Control (high)
13 M7471 DAP CPU Data Path A
12 M7470 DCP CPU Data Path C
11 M7469 DDP CPU Data Path D
10 M7468 DEP CPU Data Path E
9 M7467 DBP CPU Data Path B
8 M7466 IRC CPU Instruction Decode
7 M7465 IDP CPU Instruction Data Path
6 M7464 TBM Translation Buffer Matrix MMU
5 M7463 CDM Cache Data Matrix
4 M7462 CAM Cache Address Matrix
3 M7461 SBH Synchronous Backplane Interface (high) Connection to memory, UNIBUS, MASSBUS, CI controllers.
2 M7460 SBL Synchronous Backplane Interface (low)
1 M7459 TRS Terminator / Silo